Welcome aboard Frédéric Arriaa’s blog.

Dear friends, lovers of mystery and adventure, you are about to embark on a unique literary journey that will take you far beyond the pages of a book. Here, we explore the dark corners of the world, not by plane, train or boat, but through the woven words of Frédéric Arriaa.

Prepare to be transported to Ghana, the USA, Tanzania and Lebanon, in the spellbinding intrigues of his first detective trilogy. Each of these places, imbued with the richness of her experiences, comes to life in the pages of his novels. You’ll travel through exotic landscapes, captivating cultures and thrilling mysteries.

But adventure goes far beyond geography. As you read, you’ll plunge into the heart of the human soul, exploring the complexity of the characters, the tensions, emotions and secrets that drive them. The pages of his books will reveal hidden truths and keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last line.

This blog is a space where readers can become explorers, critics and teammates, where the imaginary mingles and merges with reality, and where you can travel the world from the comfort of your own home, sharing images and photos from a wide range of countries and encounters. Frédéric invites us to share in this fantastic odyssey, and to exchange thoughts, questions and discussions about his work.

Are you ready? Then sit back, relax and get ready to discover a world of intrigue and adventure. Frédéric Arriaa opens the door to his literary universe, and we’re delighted you’ve chosen to take this journey with us.