7th of december 2023.

Hello everyone,
It’s with a mixture of nostalgia and euphoria that I finally confide in you « Le Protocole de l’ange », the fruit of long years devoted to the elaboration of this detective adventure novel saga. The moment has come to loosen the ties that bind me to my characters and introduce them to you. They have accompanied me on an exceptional journey of creation, and I entrust them to you with a twinge of sadness.
The first volume of this saga, entitled « L’Ogre d’Accra », is already available in three versions – digital, hardcover and paperback – on Amazon. The English version will be published on January 1.
I hope you find as much pleasure in reading this book as I do in writing it, and that it opens the doors to a world of intrigue, adventure and, above all, hope, for an exhilarating literary escapade.
I wish you an exciting and exhilarating read.
Frédéric Arriaa.