Frédéric Arriaa, a 57-year-old Frenchman, has decided to embark on a new creative adventure. A traveler, photography enthusiast, lover of detective literature and cinema, he has been cradled since his youth between classic books and Hollywood screens. He has navigated the imaginary worlds fashioned by Dumas, Balzac, Zola and Stendhal, while remaining spellbound by the thrilling tales of Hitchcock, Scorsese and Tarantino. His artistic sensibility evolved from this duality between the power of words and the charm of images, culminating in a deep passion for storytelling.

Over the years, he has explored diverse cultures and crossed continents, sharpening his curiosity and desire to expose stories of the world. His travels have taken him from the teeming metropolises of Europe to the exotic horizons of Africa, Asia and America. And it was along these routes that he drew the inspiration for his first novel, a blend of his travel experiences and his attraction to the mysteries of existence.

Photography is another channel through which he manages to capture the beauty around him, from various angles and in all its manifestations, freezing memorable moments and offering a gallery of instant, precious and unique images, all stamped with the seal of his perception.

Through his blog, Frédéric invites you to accompany him on his initiation to writing, to follow his reflections on the creative process of writing, to feel his love for detective literature and cinema, and to immerse yourself in his travel stories and photographic projects. Join him on his artistic journey, get to know the world through his eyes, and share his discoveries, inspirations and literary works. An invitation to explore the pages where writing and imagination come together, as we read Volume 1 of his first novel, « Angel’s Protocol ». A splendid and unique experience.