Welcome to the English edition of “The Angel Protocol”, a fascinating literary adventure originally written in French. I’m not a translator, but I aim to faithfully convey the intrinsic beauty and spirit of the original text, so that the magic inherent in the book continues to enchant English-speaking readers.

I hope to build a bridge between you and me, in a spirit of collaboration and constant improvement. Despite my best efforts to provide a harmonious and accurate translation, language is a rich entity, often peppered with complex cultural nuances. If you see anything that could be improved, or if you have any relevant suggestions, I encourage you to share your comments with me.

Your opinion is invaluable, and your perceptive acuity can help improve the reading experience for other readers. If you come across passages that touch you or moments that speak to you, I’d like to hear about them too.

To take part in this community effort, I invite you to post below your share and thoughts. Your contribution will not only help this translation to progress, but also give you the opportunity to get in touch with other devotees of the Book.

I’m deeply grateful to you for accompanying me on this literary journey. Your participation attests to the power of community and the love of literature that unites us. I wish you an excellent read and look forward to your future contributions!